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Updated My Blog to Act Like a Feed

It’s been many months since I took myself off from Facebook and Instagram. My mental health and professional life is a lot better since then.

However, I miss posting updates on social media. Especially pics of the food I cook & eat, my cat Squanchy, beautiful Oaxaca, and some personal stuff. And of course, my political and geeky rants.

To combat this urge, I decided to convert this personal blog into a social media type feed. I can post long-form content as usual, with featured images and all the jazz.… » click to continue reading “Updated My Blog to Act Like a Feed”

There’s More to Happiness than Meets the Eye

Happy pictures on social media don’t translate to happiness in real life.

We only put the best pictures of ourselves in front of the world. The non-happy parts, we hide them, even outside of social media. 

We hide it all, to the best of our abilities, even from our best friends and loved ones.

The anger. The frustration. The feeling of hopelessness, despair, sadness, loneliness. The need to be something more; to do something more. 

The social media bubble may make you feel like something’s wrong with you.… » click to continue reading “There’s More to Happiness than Meets the Eye”

Eradicating Digital Distractions – The Good, The Bad and The 1 Month Update

This is a follow up to my previous post, where I intended to put a stop to all digital distractions and focus more on becoming a creator, rather than just be a consumer. I’d concluded that these distractions were stopping me from reaching my full potential and doing what I want.

It’s almost been a month since then. I have some good news and some bad news. Well, mostly bad news, but the good news seems promising, so read on.… » click to continue reading “Eradicating Digital Distractions – The Good, The Bad and The 1 Month Update”

Our Distractions Will Be the End of Us All!

So, so, so many distractions.

Are you tired of them all yet?

Have you even noticed them yet?

Distractions are what I’d blame if you asked me why I haven’t written any blog for such a long time. But that’d be me just making an excuse.

There’s work and there’s personal life, and between that, there’s still a lot of time that goes wasted.

Facebook. Instagram. WhatsApp.

Candy Crush. PUBG. And the next hot mobile game.

If not that, there’s Netflix, YouTube and the next outrageous statement by Trump or Modi/Yogi.… » click to continue reading “Our Distractions Will Be the End of Us All!”

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