It’s been many months since I took myself off from Facebook and Instagram. My mental health and professional life is a lot better since then.

However, I miss posting updates on social media. Especially pics of the food I cook & eat, my cat Squanchy, beautiful Oaxaca, and some personal stuff. And of course, my political and geeky rants.

To combat this urge, I decided to convert this personal blog into a social media type feed. I can post long-form content as usual, with featured images and all the jazz. But if I want, I can also post short updates, directly from my phone (the new WordPress app is amazing btw).

There are various preset post types I can choose from to customize how the content appears. For example, I can just post an image with a caption. Or a quote I like. Or embed an audio/video. Or just text with no title or images. There are plenty of options to choose from.

And if need be, I can code a new custom post type, since I own this damn blog. It’s a great learning experience too. I’m my own boss here, and that feels great.

Ideally, this is what everyone who shares content online should be aiming for. Own it. Completely. Don’t feed the trillion dollar+ monsters and contribute to establishing modern fascism.

I hope my frequency of posts here increases now. Until then, hasta luego amigo!