Welcome to Salmaniac.com – the personal blog of Salman Ravoof. Thanks for stopping by.  

It’ll be easy to describe what this blog is about by describing myself first.

Who am I?

My name is Salman Ravoof. I’m from Bangalore, India and have lived there for more than 27 years. I’m now living in Oaxaca City, Mexico with the two loves of my life — my partner Marianna and our cat Squanchy.

I’m a geek at heart and follow everything I’m passionate about mercilessly, be it movies, music, technology, comics, TV series, or just about any other random affection.

Science and technology excites me a lot, especially if machines are involved. That explains my passion for motorcycles (and even other automobiles to some extent). I’ve also done my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, but let’s skip the boring parts.

I consider myself a rationalist and a freethinker, and thereby a feminist. Logic, reason and concrete proofs are the only ways to sway my opinion. You can also try giving me food, but don’t count on that.

Learn > Do > Teach

My aim in life is to ‘learn, do, teach.’ And repeat. Sounds very simple, but it’s also very hard to follow. Nevertheless, one can always try.

Aim to learn everything you can; practice what you’ve learnt; share your experience with others.

About this Blog

I expect to pen down all my experiences here.

The blog’s name Salmaniac is a portmanteau of my first name, Salman, and Maniac. There’s a reason behind why I consider myself a maniac (if you get the hint).

Initially, I’d planned this blog to be called SALmaniac; the capitalized letters SAL stood for Science, Arts and Love.

Salman plus Maniac

However, I’ve moved beyond my initial plans. While I’ll still cover science, arts, love, or any other random topic that I feel I should, I hope to keep this blog more personal.

Some of the topics you can explore in this blog are movies, music, cats, travel, TV series, video games, comics, pop culture, politics, technology, motorcycles, machines, and much more. Basically anything and everything under the sun (and above it), but I’ll try my best to maintain structure within the chaos.

If you have any specific questions you want to ask me, or just want to invite me over for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, feel free to contact me.

You can also connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

All work on this website is copyrighted and cannot be distributed or reprinted without the consent of Salman Ravoof. Just ask and the permission will most probably be granted. Capisce?