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Some watch the attacks online (many colleagues follow me on social media), but few publicly say anything about the waves of misogyny, bigotry, and ad hominem insults that crash into me. Perhaps many of my colleagues, men and women, forget that not speaking is also a form of communication.


Silence is also a form of communication. It sends a message that you don’t care enough, especially when you’re in a position of privilege to speak up.… » click to continue reading “HATE MAIL BY AUDREY TRUSHKEY”

Squanchy, our cat, sleeping on our teal mattress, with magnets on the side.
Summer Squancholio
Teal color binded book with teal color ink pen and teal accent cat pendant necklace.
Teal is cyantifically proven to be the best colour!

#Mood2020 ft. Salman Ravoof
My work from home setup at home. There's a lot of teal color involved.
WFH in Pandemic Times

Maybe, the real danger isn’t just a virus, but the systemic inequalities which led to its spread without much care. We may emerge out of this pandemic stronger and more humane, or we may be forced into further oppression. The latter looks like a bigger possibility as of now.

Squanchy the Mexican Cat from India
Happy 2020!
Took almost an hour to cook completely. The oven roasted chicken came out damn good. The root vegetables were roasted to perfection with the fat dripping from the chicken.
Full chicken on a tray with root vegetables underneath, before it's roasted in an oven.
Trying Thomas Keller’s Oven Roasted Chicken Recipe. 24 hours in a spices + salt brine solution. Then air dried in refrigerator for 3 days. And now, all decked up with root vegetables underneath. Into the oven it goes at max heat (to be reduced after 20mins).
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