So, so, so many distractions.

Are you tired of them all yet?

Have you even noticed them yet?

Distractions are what I’d blame if you asked me why I haven’t written any blog for such a long time. But that’d be me just making an excuse.

There’s work and there’s personal life, and between that, there’s still a lot of time that goes wasted.

Facebook. Instagram. WhatsApp.

Candy Crush. PUBG. And the next hot mobile game.

If not that, there’s Netflix, YouTube and the next outrageous statement by Trump or Modi/Yogi.

Distract. Act. Repeat.

We’re living in an era with information overload. Never has there been such an influx of information being generated and shared. Over and over and over. The post-truths never stop coming either.

Social networks have overtaken our attention, which we hardly have any left of these days.

When my significant other asks for my attention; no, demands it, it’s completely valid. You see, there’s scarcely any time for our loved ones when there are so many distractions.

The internet connected people all over the world, and yet in a twist of self-defeating irony, it’s made us all the more asocial.

Where’s the time for self-growth and our loved ones when so much of it is wasted on things that don’t really matter?

We’re hooked to our distractions like an addict is to their choice of drug. Science even proves that they’re related. Those who create these distractions are also well aware of the link and are exploiting them to the fullest.

When your phone buzzs the next time or you see a heart notification pop up, know that the excitement you feel is the rush of dopamine, and you’ll only crave more and more of it as you keep getting used to it.

The only way out is to take a restricted leave from social media (there are alternatives), avoid binge watching, and focus on creative and personal growth pursuits.

Be the 1%

According to the 1% rule of the Internet, only 1% of the users are creators, around 9% are contributors and the rest 90% are just passive lurkers. Those with a creative bent will feel unfulfilled in their lives (like me) if they’re sucked into only being a contributor or a lurker.

I want to be part of the 1%.

I’ll write more. I’ll spend more time reading and learning. I’ll make time for physical exercise. I’ll do more with the internet than my base instincts compel me to.

What about you?