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There’s More to Happiness than Meets the Eye

Happy pictures on social media don’t translate to happiness in real life.

We only put the best pictures of ourselves in front of the world. The non-happy parts, we hide them, even outside of social media. 

We hide it all, to the best of our abilities, even from our best friends and loved ones.

The anger. The frustration. The feeling of hopelessness, despair, sadness, loneliness. The need to be something more; to do something more. 

The social media bubble may make you feel like something’s wrong with you.… » click to continue reading “There’s More to Happiness than Meets the Eye”

You’re Experiencing Less and Less as Time Passes By

Have you ever thought of how time passes by quickly as you age?

I always hear someone or the other remarking how this month passed by without much notice.

Sometimes the day passes by nonchalantly, and sometimes it’s the whole year. You’ll even come across old geezers who’ll tell you that decades have passed by just like that.

A large part of it can be attributed to how we perceive time psychologically. But that doesn’t mean that the passage of time is merely an illusion.… » click to continue reading “You’re Experiencing Less and Less as Time Passes By”

The Quest for Perfection is a Curse, Avoid It

The quest for perfection is really a curse. The quest for perfection is something we humans have always loved. It’s in our very nature to seek perfection. From the old kings of Egypt, to the ancient Greeks, to the Renaissance artists, up until present day, we’ve always sought perfection in one way or the other.

Perfection has become an integral part of our lives. We like to have a perfect body; a perfect mindset; perfect friends; a perfect partner; a perfect spouse; perfect children; a perfect life. We like to keep things perfectly arranged in our homes and workplaces.… » click to continue reading “The Quest for Perfection is a Curse, Avoid It”

7 Reasons that Stopped Me from Starting a Blog

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein

I’d planned to start my personal blog a few years ago, but it never materialized until recently. Even though I launched this blog just a few weeks back, you’d be surprised to know that this domain is almost two years old.

Yes, I did try launching the site a few times in the past, but there were a lot of hurdles I had to face along the way.… » click to continue reading “7 Reasons that Stopped Me from Starting a Blog”

The Art of Doing ‘Nothing’ Effectively

Doing nothing shouldn’t take much effort, yet we fail to do it effectively all the time. I know what most of you might be thinking right now: I do nothing all the time. Lazing around in the bed and wasting time is something we do almost every day.

And yet there might be some who’ll think it’s logically impossible to do nothing, because in doing so, you’re actually doing something. While they do have a point, let’s not give much heed to these smart-asses 😉 and move on, to nothingness.… » click to continue reading “The Art of Doing ‘Nothing’ Effectively”

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