Today was the final day of the reckoning.

Having visited the convention on both the days (check out Day 1 and Day 2), I was not as enthusiastic to attend the event today. I somehow dragged myself to drive all the way to White Orchard Convention Center; it was worth it in the end.

I felt that the crowd today was surprisingly not as severe as yesterday. But it was still large enough.

Today’s cosplayers were also better than those seen earlier. Some of them were repeated, but not everyone comes to the event on all the days. The crowd would’ve definitely been delighted to see these cosplayers around.

Great dedication by all the cosplayers who played their part on all the three days.


Guests snapping pics with cosplayers. Kakashi from Naruto can be seen on the right.

The guests were enthusiastic to get their pictures clicked with all the cosplayers. Every cosplayer gets a chance to feel like a celebrity here.


Sidecourt area at the entrance.

There were many people assembled here today. After walking all day, people deserve some rest. The bland food and drinks from the food court area could be seen everywhere.


Get a caricature of yourself sketched at the entrance for free.

This was hugely popular. People had to wait in a queue for at least half an hour here. The sketch artists were brilliant; they were churning out one caricature after another in a matter of minutes.


Sufi Comics collection. The artwork inside the books looked decent.

They just launched the collection today. Fans of Rumi can look forward to pick up one of these (or the entire collection).


Anarchy, now at 10% discount.

Irony at its best. One of the bitter fruits of commercialising everything.


Star Wars experience box (as seen from the side).

This booth’s entrance was blocked by the crowd. So I took a shot of it from the side. Looks cool.


Will I ever get tired of photographing this?

Leonardo and Donatello from TMNT

Leonardo and Donatello from TMNT

A perfect cosplay from head to toe.


The armoury at

Great stuff to be found at this stall; too costly for non-serious buyers though.


Minecraft. A notch above the rest.

Enjoying the last few days of their independence. Microsoft and Minecraft. Not sure how that’ll work out.


Nyan Nyan

Look at what just whizzed past by. An internet meme.


Cards and posters from independent artists

It was good to see a lot of independent artists given a chance to showcase their art. I don’t know whether they had to pay anything to get themselves a place to sit here, but I hope it wasn’t any significant amount even if they did have to.


Independent artists showcasing their talent


Artwork on display (and sale) from independent artists

Some of the artworks put up here were really good. They were also a lot cheaper than what you’d find elsewhere.


Papercut artwork on sale. They look better in person.


Small papercut artworks.


Some more papercut artworks. Like the way they blend into the background.

The papercut artworks look like real-life versions of vector designs. The artists were also accepting custom requests on the spot. It takes a lot of skill and patience to cut a paper exactly the way you want.


Two-Face? Good face painting though.


The special guests area also saw a lot of crowd today.

Rob DenBleyker from Cyanide & Happiness had an one hour session on the main stage. He is a funny guy.


Selina Kyle

Catwoman will always be popular with cosplayers.


Xbox One experience area

One of the most boring sections. Play a game on Xbox One for 5 minutes? Seriously.


Great t-shirt designs

I liked these more compared to the rest. Most of the other t-shirts on sale were regurgitated and unoriginal.


Bumper Stickers of all kinds. Quite costly though.

Popular bumper stickers that you see almost everywhere. They were selling these at a premium.


More bumper stickers. The popular ones have been sold out.

I wouldn’t stick any of these on my vehicle though. Too tacky.


Some nice minimalist posters on display.

And sale.


Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. For science, you monster!

For those who want to experiment with portals.


Judge Dredd with ? Judge Hershey?

Judge Dredd won the prize in Movie category I think. Or was it Comics? Not sure about that.


Nyan Cat in full glory. These two were like conjoined twins throughout the show.

For those who still don’t get the reference.


The food court. It’s a nice place to sit and eat food.

Except there wasn’t any good food to be had here. I preferred to stay hungry.


Horde or herd? Huge crowd.

You can imagine the amount of sweat being dripped in here.


Oh, we can actually see a bit of ground in this one. Lucky pic I guess.


Comic Con Bangalore has really outgrown itself. Yet again.

Just look at the amount of people assembled under this one roof. Crazy indeed.


Supertees on sale

Choose your alter ego.


Gourmet candy. Looks great.

Don’t know how it tastes though.


These look kinky.

Don’t make eye contact while you’re having these. Unless…you get it 😀


Kinetic sand. Doesn’t stick to your hands. It can be easily moulded into any shape.

Just apply pressure to break the mould and start over. It’s also water soluble and edible.


Pre-casts can be used to whip the sand into any shape.

Rs. 600 for a 500g pack of this special sand.


Some dentist dude with Shikari Shambu

Nice to see Indian comics being represented here. I also saw Chacha Chaudhary and Nagaraj; wasn’t able to snap a picture of them though.


Akira and Miya were back today in their Day 1 attire

The professional cosplayers from Japan were back to delight the crowd.


Godfather and Taxi Driver. Amazing posters from Graphicurry.

I would’ve bought them if I wasn’t broke.


More amazing posters

Splendid. Sacha Baron Cohen in his various avatars, followed by the Wolfpack and the most biting footballer of the year, Luis Suarez.


The various faces of Robin Williams. Great tribute.

Can you guess them all? He’s played some memorable characters over the years.


Graphicurry had the best artwork of all the stalls. Extremely creative.

Check them out here. Seriously impressed with their talent.


Sometimes, you end up following the Nights Watch while moving through the crowd.

It wasn’t made of real fur if you’re wondering.


Sexy Mystique. Great detailing all over, including the eyes.

She looked really great. The eye lens really makes a difference.


Mystique trying a Bollywood move

Just imagine the possibilities? 😀


Leader of Autobots. The lights work too.


An Autobot with music controls. Not sure which one this is.

Didn’t see many Transformers around. It was great to see these two here.


Death from Sandman. The Ankh pendant is a clue.

She looked decent overall. Nice to see Sandman being represented.


Sketchbooks and more paperart

I’ve captured a lot of merchandises today.


More t-shirt designs

There were at least 1,000 different t-shirts to be found across all the stalls. Only a few of them had original designs though.


Jesse Pinkman relaxing after a hard day of cooking meth

He’s a blowfish.


Spiderman, the kids’ favorite superhero.

I’d heard about this before, but today I realized that kids really like Spiderman.


Zoro from One Piece

The three swords were well made. Hard and sturdy.


Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2. Easily the best cosplay of the day.

This is the same cosplayer who won the grand prize on Day 1. I came to know later that her name is Aorin Shariyari and she is a famous cosplayer in India.


Born to cosplay.

She didn’t enter the competition today in any category though.


I tip my hat to you ser!

You can like her Facebook page Color Me Aorin to view all her cosplays.


Police Box from Dr. Who

Simple, but effective. Should be dedicated enough to lug this around. Won the prize in Sci-fi/Fantasy category.


The Time Lord

Dr. Who was every excited to be beside TARDIS.



Great cosplay.


Closeup of Skeletor’s makeup

She won the prize in Animated Series category.


Naruto looks shy

Cosplayers enjoying their moment on the stage.


Maleficent. She had trouble with her wings.

She had to duct tape the wings through her headband. The wings collapsed partially by the time she went on stage. Cosplaying is no joke, especially if you need to wear props like wings.


Dracula with glasses

Generic cosplay. He was helping out Maleficent while I took this pic. Crossover ideas in abundance at Comic Con.


Fionna from Shrek looked cute. She’s matched the cosplay with her personality perfectly.


It’s just a flesh wound!

Black Knight from Monty Python. Very few got the reference.


Ryuk sulks as Robocop poses on

Robocop was back, confident as ever. I don’t know whether it is the light playing tricks, but the costume looked a bit refined today.


The winner for today’s Gaming category and the grand prize. Totally deserved it.

He had won the prize earlier too in other categories, but he returned today for the ultimate prize. Persistence really pays off. The crowd gave him a roaring cheer too; that’s enough a reason to be back on stage.


Robocop with…the stall owner.

The guy cosplaying Robocop goes by the name Prady Das on Facebook. You can connect with him if you like to.


Miya and Akira judging the cosplayers

It must’ve been tough on them to select from the lot.


The crowd watching the main event. Everyone’s captivated by all the cosplayers.

Who knew people would be so interested in cosplaying?


Why can’t all the girls dress like this?

Yeah, then all the guys have to dress like Thor or He-Man 😀


A cosplay from Naruto. Hidan? Looks ferocious.

I saw this cosplayer on all the three days.


Don’t know who they’re cosplaying

It’s fascinating to watch all the cosplayers and guess which character they’re cosplaying as. Not recognizing a popular character might lower your street geek cred.


Loki, the god of mischief!

He looked confused for some reason.


Close-up of a t-shirt design

There were many like this.


Can’t blame you Optimus. This Maleficent looks sexy.

This one didn’t have any wings fortunately.


Crows before hoes? You know nothing Jon Snow.

Jack Sparrow was selling himself to the judges by telling them directly that he’ll do a great cosplay in Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo 2015 if selected. LOL at that!


Predator looked cool


Savita Bhabhi made an appearance too. The crowd went wild when she went on stage.

This is something I didn’t expect to see here. It was surprising to see India’s favorite and infamous Bhabhi from the comics.


Toto from The Lone Ranger

The makeup is excellent. Matches with the original one.


Yes, that’s a male portraying Wonder Woman. Deadmau5 looks out of place here.

Cross-dressing as a form of cosplay? Why not. It’s hilarious, and the guy had no qualms about flaunting it.


I love this graphic.

Yes, it was a mad event indeed. Comic Con Bangalore 2014 was an amazing experience. Three days of absolute fun. Hope to see it grow into a much bigger fest the next time around.

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