Day 2 of Comic Con Bangalore 2014 was much better than what I’d anticipated.

While the first day of the event was a relaxed and effortless ride, day 2 was a mad rush. The day being Saturday (a weekend), there was at least 5x the crowd than what I’d seen the previous day.


Not quite sure about that quote, but it comes quite close.

The crowd was crazy indeed. There were also a lot of cosplayers today.


The area just before the entrance. There were none hanging out here yesterday.

It was also harder to get a close look of cosplayers. There was virtually no place to stand around and relax; even the food court was jam-packed.


To the entrance, and beyond!



Scarecrow catching up with his friend just after college.

Business was great today for all the stalls I presume. It was more like a sales exhibition than a comic-related event (in Kannada we call it Jatre).


You’ll find virtually all kinds of pop-culture t-shirts here.


Most merchandises have an Indian twist to them.


Instant cosplay. Just buy a mask.

Also, Comic Con tweeted that AIB (a popular stand-up comedy group) would be visiting the fest today. I guess that contributed a bit too for the ensuing mad rush.


Guests snapping pics with cosplayers.


Free posters, courtesy Disney.

I snagged up three posters here yesterday, and it hardly took me 5 minutes to do that. Today, guests had to stand in a queue for half an hour or so just to get their hands on one.


Not free mugs.


Star Wars tees of all kinds


Cool blade. It also feels sturdy.

I’m almost sure that one can plan their cosplay right at the event itself.


Miss Robin. Nicely done.


Assassin’s Creed cosplayer getting his pic snapped with an enthusiastic guest


Sana Amanat, Editor at Marvel and co-creator of Ms. Marvel

I’d settled down at the stage with my friends by now. I knew in advance that it would be difficult to find a place later on.


The crowd around the stage was assembling pretty fast.


Dan Parent, of Archie fame.

This interview was a bit boring. The crowd was settling in around the stage now.

A few quiz competitions were conducted afterwards. Most of the questions asked were from mythology (Amar Chitra Katha). This is something I dislike about Indian comics/fantasy culture. We are so hung up on our ancient mythologies that there is no scope to explore other genres.


The host cosplaying Dante from Devil May Cry


Crazy crowd indeed. Cosplayers are gathering behind the cameramen.


The professional cosplayers from Japan started the proceedings

Akira Konomi and Miya Tomoko. You can follow them @CosPAfo.


Their cosplaying was of a different class altogether


She looks even sexier from behind


She also sang in Japanese. Was literally just beside me when I took this snap.

It was just like any typical Indian function. Instead of a devotional opening song, we were subjected to a Japanese one 😀


Guess who arrived later to sit beside me?

AIB. Tanmay looks excited.

These guys produce amazingly hilarious videos. Check out their YouTube channel if you haven’t already.


They were also the hosts for the cosplay event today.

A few crude jokes, a few PJs, some sarcasm, and good laughs. They had it all covered.


The first batch of the cosplay event. Optimus looks scared of Magneto.


Rorschach and Indian Honey Singh watched over by Prince of Persia


The Indian version of Lisa and Bart from The Simpsons. “Eat my Lungi.”


Characters from Bleach were cosplayed by many today.


Who says there aren’t many women cosplayers in India?

The one on the extreme left stood like that during her entire stay on the stage. As obedient as her character.


Pulp Fiction. He quoted the entire infamous dialogue too.


Khaleesi was back today in a Dothraki Costume. League of Legends character on the right?


Hot Cosplay. Simple, but elegant.


“Hey dude, Google Glass isn’t a cosplay.”


Not quite sure which move Mad Hatter is trying here.


This guy rambled for minutes without making much sense. Guess that’s his superpower.



This was the most appreciable cosplay of the day. Never give up trying.


Oliver Queen graced us with his presence too.


The War Machine. And a Minion. Plus some dude.

The War Machine was the best cosplay of the day. He won the prize in Sci-fi/Fantasy category, and also the grand prize for Day 2. Well deserved.


Scout from Team Fortress 2 and Johnny Bravo can be seen on the right.

Johnny Bravo’s moves were hilarious.


Maleficent, Scorpio, ? and Penguin


Won the prize in Comics category


Taxi Driver.


You talking to me?


The Star Wars family on stage

The center guy claimed to be Luke Skywalker. Well, if you have a green lightsaber, I guess you can claim to be anyone from the Star Wars universe.



Wookie never ceases to amaze the crowd. It’s a guaranteed hit.


The Batman Villains’ Meet


Goan dope guy with Jack Sparrow and Bellatrix

AIB left after this. It was getting too late for them (aka paid only to do so much).

It was fortunate that they left; were getting a bit annoying to be honest. There’s only so much crude humour you can consume in a day. Good show from them though.


Cosplayers lining up to enter the stage

Heavy duty stuff. Lots of props.


Probably the best cosplayer gang on stage


Jasmine watches on as Wolverine boots up

The guy on the extreme right won the prize in Gaming category (he’s a character from some online shooter I presume).


Deadshot with Wolverine. The claws really work.


Nuns with big guns. Nothing more to add.


No Comic Con is complete without the Italian Super Bros.


The last cosplayers for the day. Whew.

And then we were done with the cosplay contest. I’ve definitely missed many; some of them due to unavailability of pics, and some because they’re not really worth a mention.

You can check out Comic Con India’s Twitter and Instagram feeds for more pictures.

There were more than 250 cosplayers who participated today; that’s at least 4 times the amount that did yesterday.

Comic Con Bangalore 2014 has really outgrown itself pretty quick. I think they need a venue change again next year, or at least an expansion.


My friend Blade with Joel from The Last of Us

Day 3 is slated to be even better from what I’ve heard. Stay tuned for more.

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