I posted an article a few months ago. It was a small list of few of the most cringeworthy terms I come across daily, both online and in real life. It’s not a popular post by any stretch. However, I was surprised (actually, not) to see someone leave a hateful comment on this post a few months later.

Hey binad, I don’t who you are, but wherever you are, I hope you’re doing fine. Something in my post seems to have triggered a deep malice within yourself, built by years of surrounding yourself with hatred. Not that the current situation in the country is helping much. It must be a joy to live in present times. You must be feeling pretty good with the way things are turning out.

Also, you need to learn about what secularism really means and how it’s treated differently in the Indian context. I’m not a fan of the Indian version of secularism either, but it’s still something.

It feels great to be a SICKULAR FILTH in a country filled with communal goons and their silent supporters. After all, it must be so hard to denounce secularism when you belong to the de facto majority community.

Adios not-Amigo!