You take your mobile phone out, unlock its screen, and just look at the display.

Nothing. There’s no message; no missed call; no email; no notification whatsoever. The ticking time is the only saving grace to maintain your sanity.

A few minutes later, a notification pops up. You get a wee bit excited; your heart flutters, not able to handle your expectations. You unlock your mobile’s screen again, only to read a chain message you’ve already read a thousand times before; or at least it feels like it.

The next time the same thing happens, you end up reading a bland joke, or worse, a marketing newsletter.

You don’t give up hopes yet. You never do. You carry your smartphone/tablet everywhere you go (even to the loo). Whether you’re using it or not, you don’t let your smartphone get out of your sight. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, the need to be connected and updated is always at its zenith.

The longing to get a message from that special someone (a friend(s) or more) keeps you going. Some just like to keep themselves fully updated; some like to gossip; some just want to flirt; most don’t even think why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Addicted to Mobiles

Hey, wassup?

When you finally do receive such a message, you reach a high which makes everything you did earlier totally worth it. Patience is a virtue, and in this case, it also brings a message along with it.

You’re hooked now. The conversation goes on for a while, but like everything in life, it does come to an end.

This is your stash in digital form, delivered right into your hands from anywhere in the world. Like with every potent drug, the high is only temporary.

You then get back to your usual routine, or at least you try to. But you still yearn for that same high, or even more. You’re enslaved.

It’s a never-ending cycle.

You take your mobile phone out, unlock its screen, and just look at the display.

Corollary: There’s someone waiting for your message on the other end. The choice to be connected, or not, is up to you.