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The Need to Be Constantly Connected and Updated

You take your mobile phone out, unlock its screen, and just look at the display.

Nothing. There’s no message; no missed call; no email; no notification whatsoever. The ticking time is the only saving grace to maintain your sanity.

A few minutes later, a notification pops up. You get a wee bit excited; your heart flutters, not able to handle¬†your¬†expectations. You unlock your mobile’s screen again, only to read a chain message you’ve already read a thousand times before; or at least it feels like it.… » click to continue reading “The Need to Be Constantly Connected and Updated”

The Inevitable Emergence of Digital India

India is on the brink of a colossal digital revolution. In many ways, the revolution has already started, but we’re yet to realize its full potential.

It was not long ago that we achieved our independence. Around a hundred years were spent in that quest, but we did succeed in the end. And thus emerged the largest democracy in the world.

The first few years were tough on the populace, especially as far as food was concerned. Thankfully, the Green Revolution brought much needed respite to all the Indian citizens.… » click to continue reading “The Inevitable Emergence of Digital India”

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