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Why Uniform Civil Code is Good for Indian Muslims

This is a repost of my original Facebook post with some additional remarks.

With all the hoopla surrounding Uniform Civil Code (or UCC) and the way it’d affect every Indian, you’d be compelled to take a side for or against it.

Whenever there’s talk about UCC, the focus invariably diverts towards Indian Muslims. Most Indians have their own religion-sanctioned personal laws, but Muslims in India are given a majority of the attention. After all, Muslims are the largest minority group in India.… » click to continue reading “Why Uniform Civil Code is Good for Indian Muslims”

Are All Kids Born as Atheists? Nope

“All kids are born as atheists.”

This rhetoric is thrown around a lot in debates between theists and atheists. While it does seem logical from the outset, it is not. The main reason being a new born child is ignorant of ideas which we as adults take for granted.

Atheism is the absence of theism. It is a state of disbelief in gods and deities (and everything in between). Without understanding what theism is, one cannot be an atheist.

The same holds true for the opposite claim too: kids born to parents of so and so religion belong to the same religion.… » click to continue reading “Are All Kids Born as Atheists? Nope”

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