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Shadows and Masks: Limits of Human Perception


Everything that we’ve ever experienced is but a shadow of the reality that lies beyond our perception.

Just like how the concept of space (or top and bottom) is beyond direct observation for a hypothetical 2-dimensional creature, so is the world we live in for us.

Now, I’m only talking about the visible physical world in the previous instance. There are many concepts, ideas, and other abstracts that can be experienced in this world.

You can hear, smell, taste, and even feel the touch of someone/something.… » click to continue reading “Shadows and Masks: Limits of Human Perception”

Thought Experiment: The Plight of the Tunnel Train Tracks

Here’s a thought experiment to pique your brain cells, but before we get started, let me pen down some back story and ground rules.

The Premise

Often, we’re left with choosing between a rock and a hard place. With just two options (ignoring the false dilemma), neither of which is acceptable, it becomes extremely hard to make a decision.

However, if we’re forced to pick just one option out of the two, which one do we go with? What’s the rational choice?… » click to continue reading “Thought Experiment: The Plight of the Tunnel Train Tracks”

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