I was invited to 2015’s first IndiBlogger meet sponsored by ASUS (here’s the post that qualified me for an invite). I don’t think writing a post was compulsory for the special invite, except for the newcomers that is.

This was my first time attending an IndiBlogger meet and it was as exciting as I expected it to be.

These meets have been taking place for many years now. Being a n00b blogger, it was exciting to meet others who share the same passion.

The meet was held at ITC Gardenia, Residency Road, from 5:30-9:30 PM. It started a bit late, with us waiting in the lobby area enthusiastically. There were around 200 of us gathered at the arena.

At first everyone was quite quiet. Well, most of them at least. Some who knew others beforehand were chit-chatting freely until the proceedings started, and some never did stop when it started too.

Heavy metal music was a subtle touch to get everyone energized early on. The host did a great job making sure everyone present at the meet were engaged in the day’s proceedings. We played a few games to get ourselves acquainted with some of the people there.

ASUS had sponsored vouchers for a few lucky bloggers gathered here. While a few got vouchers for just sharing their stories or being witty on twitter, others got it for having made the effort to come all the way from another city, just to attend this meet. One guy had come all the way from Vadodara (Gujarat), a 30-hour journey via train.

The waiters were serving everyone soft drinks and starters while the proceedings were going on. It was kind of distracting, but hey, it’s food!

This meet was about ASUS (re)launching their EeeBook netbooks and All-In-One PCs. They are really interesting devices, especially in their price range. The AIO PC comes with gesture recognition and an inbuilt 1-hr battery, a must-have feature in India. The EeeBook was very small; perfect for use while traveling.

The laptop and PC market is almost saturated, what with dozens of manufacturers aiming for a piece of the pie. I think this new marketing strategy to engage people directly will yield great benefits for ASUS in the future.

One aspect of the meet I liked very much was that it was more about blogging and the culture surrounding it than the sponsor’s agenda.

And of course, after everything was said and done, there was food. A lot of it in fact. One can argue this was the real reason most of us were here 😛 The buffet was well laid out. I tried almost everything. The Biryani was decent enough. The desserts were great. It was a good finish to the evening.

The #GoSleeekASUSExperience hashtag explains what this meet was all about.

I’d like to thank IndiBlogger for arranging the meet and inviting me. It’s a great community of bloggers they’ve gathered over the years. I also appreciate ASUS for sponsoring the event and making sure everything went smoothly.

Looking forward to more such blogger meets in the future. Let the Happy Hours roll in.

Salman Ravoof

Salman Ravoof

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