Growth hacking is not just restricted to startups and other businesses. It can be used by almost anyone to achieve what they want.

Whether you like him or hate him, you can’t ignore Kim Jong-un, the current supreme leader of North Korea. He’s achieved so much at such a young age that it’s impossible to resist his appeal.

Here’s how Kim Jong-un utilized growth hacking techniques to be the supreme leader of North Korea (infographic version below):

  1. Kim operated in stealth mode before assuming power. He studied everything there was to know about his target market, which was the entire North Korea.
  2. Every successful brand has a unique identity. Kim recognized this early on. He chose his haircut and charming smile to establish a long-lasting presence in the minds of his target market.
  3. Before Kim took over the reins, his father Kim Jong-il had already tested various marketing techniques and their respective effectiveness. Kim learned the best of them and scaled brilliantly.
  4. Using the proper marketing channels is vital for growth. Kim accomplished just that by restricting the number of potential channels his target market had access to.
  5. Kim never paid much attention to his detractors. He knew he only had to make a positive impact within his target market to grow. And he did exactly that by ignoring everyone else.
  6. Kim took on his competition head on, improvising his techniques as new challenges started to crop up. He didn’t let even those closest to him get in his way of success.
  7. Once Kim had his target market covered, he never let go of it. To this day Kim maintains a tight grip over his position. A great lesson for anyone who wants to be a successful leader or entrepreneur.

In 2013, Kim Jong-un was named the World’s 46th Most Powerful Person by Forbes, proving yet again how essential growth hacking is to propel your brand towards success.


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