Have I ever taken a bold step? I don’t know. Probably not. Even though I’m pretty bold otherwise, in expressing myself and my opinions, I haven’t really been bold in my life.

What exactly is being bold? I think doing something which we’re not comfortable with, which we’re not sure of whether we can do or not, which we’re afraid of, is being bold.

I’m very vocal about my atheism. If I did the same in an Islamic theocracy, I’d be jailed, lashed, or worse, executed in a barbaric manner. Raif Badawi is bold. Taslima Nasrin is bold. Narendra Dabholkar was bold. The editors and cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo were bold, and still are.

Likewise, there are many such bold people all around the world, fighting injustice, bigotry and irrationality every single day. They have their own ways of being bold.

Am I being bold being a vocal atheist here in India? Partially. Maybe. I’m not famous, yet. If I was, enough public pressure would force me to go into hiding too, like Salman Rushdie was. Thankfully, I’m not there yet.

Challenging authority and pursuing your own way is being bold too.

Take Arvind Kejriwal for instance. Wasn’t he bold? You can disagree with his views, or his stance on various political agendas, but you can’t deny the fact that he was bold. He took on two of the largest political parties in the national capital and beat them fair and square in the end. It was a big risk for him and his comrades. Their boldness paid off immensely.

There are other ways of being bold too.

Shifting to a new city in search of a job is being bold.

Declining a cushy job to pursue your passion is being bold.

Going on an adventure is being bold.

Joining the gym to be healthy is being bold.

Learning a new skill or language is being bold.

Admitting your mistakes and apologizing is also a trait of those who’re bold.

Questioning your elders and teachers is being bold.

Helping others, and asking for help, is boldness too.

Even loving a stranger is taking a bold step. That makes marriage the ultimate test of boldness. Although, I’d say having a divorce in India is a bold move too. Not many are ready to face the social repercussions of breaking their marriage.

Making significant changes to your life takes a lot of courage. It doesn’t come easily to everyone, especially those who’re comfortable with their present lifestyle. Some are forced to change, while others choose to do so. It all depends on the situation.

Basically, taking any sort of risk, where you are not sure of the outcome, is being bold.

Have you taken any bold steps in your life? If yes, do share it in the comments section below. After all, writing and submitting a comment is being bold too 😉

Salman Ravoof

Salman Ravoof

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