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Song Recommendation: Infinite Dreams (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Iron Maiden)

Music is a great way to relax (or get energized). There’s something soothing about hearing different notes playing in a rhythmical pattern (or not). Apart from being relaxing, music can also be thought-provoking. Songs with meaningful lyrics are basically poetry in auditory motion.

I’ve come to like various types of music over the years (for multiple reasons). While I’m not a musician, I certainly can appreciate good music; just like a person can appreciate food without being a chef. This section serves as a platform to share the songs (and music) I like with everyone else.… » click to continue reading “Song Recommendation: Infinite Dreams (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Iron Maiden)”

Piku Review: A Delightfully Fresh Movie from Bolywood

Piku_Review_Bollywood_2015When’s the last time you watched an Indian movie that explores father-daughter relationship in detail? I don’t. There must be quite a handful of such movies out there (or not), but I’ve neither seen them nor heard about them.

Piku is a story about an old ageing father (Amitabh Bachchan as Bhashkor Banerjee) and his daughter (Deepika Padukone as Piku Banerjee), and how they come to terms with their mutually-dependent-yet-troubled lives.

The father is a 70-year-old, retired, highly cynical (a critical Bengali man in his own terms), and constipated (more on this later) man.… » click to continue reading “Piku Review: A Delightfully Fresh Movie from Bolywood”

You’re Experiencing Less and Less as Time Passes By

Have you ever thought of how time passes by quickly as you age?

I always hear someone or the other remarking how this month passed by without much notice.

Sometimes the day passes by nonchalantly, and sometimes it’s the whole year. You’ll even come across old geezers who’ll tell you that decades have passed by just like that.

A large part of it can be attributed to how we perceive time psychologically. But that doesn’t mean that the passage of time is merely an illusion.… » click to continue reading “You’re Experiencing Less and Less as Time Passes By”

The Inevitable Emergence of Digital India

India is on the brink of a colossal digital revolution. In many ways, the revolution has already started, but we’re yet to realize its full potential.

It was not long ago that we achieved our independence. Around a hundred years were spent in that quest, but we did succeed in the end. And thus emerged the largest democracy in the world.

The first few years were tough on the populace, especially as far as food was concerned. Thankfully, the Green Revolution brought much needed respite to all the Indian citizens.… » click to continue reading “The Inevitable Emergence of Digital India”

The Quest for Perfection is a Curse, Avoid It

The quest for perfection is really a curse. The quest for perfection is something we humans have always loved. It’s in our very nature to seek perfection. From the old kings of Egypt, to the ancient Greeks, to the Renaissance artists, up until present day, we’ve always sought perfection in one way or the other.

Perfection has become an integral part of our lives. We like to have a perfect body; a perfect mindset; perfect friends; a perfect partner; a perfect spouse; perfect children; a perfect life. We like to keep things perfectly arranged in our homes and workplaces.… » click to continue reading “The Quest for Perfection is a Curse, Avoid It”

Baby Movie Review: Indian Black Ops Film with Great Action and a Muddy Plot

Baby’s opening scene starts off with a spiraling shot of Istanbul, Turkey. We’re then presented a gory picture of a man tied to a chair, in what is presumed to be an abandoned building. He’s being beaten to a pulp by goons for reasons yet unknown to us. This gory scene sets the stage for testosterone-fueled patriotic action that’ll follow.

Baby is the name of a special black ops team formed by the Indian government right after the 2008 Mumbai attacks, which is referred to as ‘26/11.’… » click to continue reading “Baby Movie Review: Indian Black Ops Film with Great Action and a Muddy Plot”

Are All Kids Born as Atheists? Nope

“All kids are born as atheists.”

This rhetoric is thrown around a lot in debates between theists and atheists. While it does seem logical from the outset, it is not. The main reason being a new born child is ignorant of ideas which we as adults take for granted.

Atheism is the absence of theism. It is a state of disbelief in gods and deities (and everything in between). Without understanding what theism is, one cannot be an atheist.

The same holds true for the opposite claim too: kids born to parents of so and so religion belong to the same religion.… » click to continue reading “Are All Kids Born as Atheists? Nope”

Interstellar Review: Do Not Go Gentle Into This Magnificent Film

I’ve tried to avoid as many spoilers as possible in the following Interstellar review.

Humankind has always defined itself through overcoming the impossible — the first species to learn how to utilize fire, invent wheel, build vessels that can take us over vast areas of water, devise impressive pieces of technology such as steam and combustion engines (and machines that run on them), conceive computers and wireless technology, tackle diseases and other health conditions, initiate space exploration, and much more. These are the moments which are our proudest achievements.… » click to continue reading “Interstellar Review: Do Not Go Gentle Into This Magnificent Film”

Super Worms: An Addictive 2-Player Game from the Past

Super Worms is an addictive indie-game that was originally released for DOS by Wiering Software (and then later for Windows). It’s a 3-D racing game similar to Mario Kart, except here you’re controlling a tiny worm on racetrack instead of a Mario character placed in a go-kart.

The game was released as a shareware, which means you can try the game and play it for as long as you like. However, only a few tracks are available in the shareware version; you have to buy the full version to unlock the special tracks/courses and other features (I’ve never played the full version of this game).… » click to continue reading “Super Worms: An Addictive 2-Player Game from the Past”

Experimenting Pomodoro with Tomighty Desktop Timer

The main reason I started this blog is to share my experiences. While learning different things is one of my passions, I also have a great deal of trouble tackling procrastination.

For a layman, procrastination may seem like an easy challenge, but there’s a lot to it than what appears on the surface.

Something had to be done about it. That’s when I stumbled on this wonderful time management technique called Pomodoro.

What is Pomodoro Technique?

Pomodoro Technique is a time management tool introduced in the 1980s by an Italian named Francesco Cirillo… » click to continue reading “Experimenting Pomodoro with Tomighty Desktop Timer”

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