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The Threat of Social Exclusion: A Reality for Non-Conformists

If you don’t conform to the majority community’s beliefs, you’re bound to face social exclusion from most of the people you come across daily. Even those who know you will start avoiding you.

It might not be deliberate. It may not even be an immediate response to your non-conformism. But you’ll start seeing the effects soon enough.

Being an atheist in a Muslim family, I’ve learned to avoid most of my family members, just like they’ve learned to avoid me. I don’t want to alienate myself, but unfortunately, I’ve been left with no choice.… » click to continue reading “The Threat of Social Exclusion: A Reality for Non-Conformists”

The Great Indian Ban Culture is Hard to Fix


Indian culture can be summed up by things that are disallowed, rather than what it’s really about. It can simply be defined by a long list of bans, both societal and legal.

However, that’s not the aim of this topic. It’s about the culture surrounding these bans, and how those who’ll be affected mostly by this ban culture are themselves complicit in furthering it.

The Silence of Indian Muslims

Muslims in India stayed silent when Islamic leaders and Muslim organizations called for bans on things they deemed offensive.… » click to continue reading “The Great Indian Ban Culture is Hard to Fix”

The Undeniable Insignificance of Birthdays

In the grand cosmic scale, the day you’re born isn’t special. In fact, it’s pretty insignificant.

If the entire age of the known universe was condensed into a standard Gregorian calendar (the calendar that we generally use today), just one second of this condensed cosmic year would hold approximately 438 real years within it.

So, everyone you’ve ever known and met, everyone you’ve loved, hated, admired, and looked up to, and everyone you’ll meet in the near future, has lived and died much within this very second of the cosmos.… » click to continue reading “The Undeniable Insignificance of Birthdays”

Song Recommendation: Blowin’ In the Wind (Peter, Paul and Mary)

Originally written by Bob Dylan, Blowin’ in the Wind became one of the most famous tunes of 1963 after the folk-singing trio Peter, Paul and Mary covered it.

This song is nothing but a series of serious rhetorical questions about freedom, peace, and war. It also covers other topics such as cruelty, empathy and liberty.

And there’s just one simple answer to all those questions: The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.

Listen to the song here:

If YouTube (or the uploader) has taken down the video, you’ll have to find another source by yourself.… » click to continue reading “Song Recommendation: Blowin’ In the Wind (Peter, Paul and Mary)”

Faster Internet Changes the Way You Think

I still remember the first time I used the Internet. It was at my cousin’s place. At that time (around 2000), computers for me were just a glorified gaming machine. Apart from that, we’re taught MS Office and DOS at school; pretty boring stuff.

From what I remember, the dial-up modem was a PITA to set up, but once it was done, hello 56kbps. Even Google took some time to load, but in that age, it was one of the fastest loading pages.… » click to continue reading “Faster Internet Changes the Way You Think”

9 Kinds of Annoying People at a Movie Theater

If there’s one thing that irks me more than watching a bad movie, it’s how annoying some most of the people who come to watch a movie are.

After many disgruntling experiences, I’ve come to the conclusion that almost all these obnoxious miscreants have one thing in common: a lack of concern for others.

They don’t care about the effects their actions have on people around them. For them, they and their group are the only ones who ought to have “fun”; the others can just bugger off.… » click to continue reading “9 Kinds of Annoying People at a Movie Theater”

Inside Out Review: An Emotional Movie About Emotions

Pixar is back to form with its new animated feature Inside Out. After a series of dull films this decade, they’ve finally turned the ship around. This is the same studio which gave us a string of incredible films (pun intended!) like Cars, Ratatouille, WALL-E, and Up. And before that, there was Toy Story 1 & 2Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo. As great as all those films are, I think Pixar has set the bar even higher with Inside Out.… » click to continue reading “Inside Out Review: An Emotional Movie About Emotions”

Honey Diet – A Sweeter Alternative? Or Another Fad Diet?

The term “healthy diet” is abused pretty much by everyone. From eating only vegetarian to going completely vegan, to eating only fruits, to eating only protein, to what not. It’s a circus. There have been so many diets advocated by health gurus all over the years that you don’t really know where to start.

These diets mainly cater to one group of individuals: those who’re planning to lose weight. There are some who’re trying to gain weight too, but they’re in the minority.… » click to continue reading “Honey Diet – A Sweeter Alternative? Or Another Fad Diet?”

The Need to Be Constantly Connected and Updated

You take your mobile phone out, unlock its screen, and just look at the display.

Nothing. There’s no message; no missed call; no email; no notification whatsoever. The ticking time is the only saving grace to maintain your sanity.

A few minutes later, a notification pops up. You get a wee bit excited; your heart flutters, not able to handle your expectations. You unlock your mobile’s screen again, only to read a chain message you’ve already read a thousand times before; or at least it feels like it.… » click to continue reading “The Need to Be Constantly Connected and Updated”

Song Recommendation: Infinite Dreams (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Iron Maiden)

Music is a great way to relax (or get energized). There’s something soothing about hearing different notes playing in a rhythmical pattern (or not). Apart from being relaxing, music can also be thought-provoking. Songs with meaningful lyrics are basically poetry in auditory motion.

I’ve come to like various types of music over the years (for multiple reasons). While I’m not a musician, I certainly can appreciate good music; just like a person can appreciate food without being a chef. This section serves as a platform to share the songs (and music) I like with everyone else.… » click to continue reading “Song Recommendation: Infinite Dreams (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Iron Maiden)”

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